VooDoo Silver Reference 3 Interconnect Cable

Essential for SACD Reproduction
99.999% Pure Silver Conductors
Ultra-High Harmonic Resolution
Active Silver Shield Design
Cryogenically Treated

If you are searching for interconnect cable that will improve the dynamic response
and reveal greater transparency in your system, you should audition the VooDoo
Silver Reference Interconnect. The Silver Reference represents the best of our interconnect design philosophy with multi-helix winding geometry, state-of-the-art construction and cryogenically treated conductors and connectors. The VooDoo Silver Reference is essential for SACD reproduction. Not just another analytical sounding cable like other interconnects with silver conductors, the VooDoo Silver Reference has an ultra-smooth, involving sound that will reveal the transparency of the entire dynamic range, while adding depth and width to the soundstage without affecting tonal coloration.

The 99.999% pure silver conductors are cryogenically treated in our cold fusion deep-immersion process before they are precision wound in TeflonŽ dielectric and 100% shielded with an active silver braid shielding to provide reliable protection against EMI/RFI signal corruption. High-content silver solder and precision temperature-controlled soldering techniques maintain phase-accurate signal flow and low capacitance throughout the signal path. The VooDoo Silver Reference single-ended interconnect is terminated with cryogenically treated rhodium over silver-plated RCA connectors. The Silver Reference Balanced Interconnect are built with cryogenically treated high-luster zinc-plated XLR
connectors with gold-plated contact pins. 

RCA Termination

Length Price per Pair Purchase
.5 Meter $425

1 Meter $475

1.5 Meter $525

2 Meter $575

3 Meter $625

4 Meter $675

5 Meter $725

XLR Termination

Length Price per Pair Purchase
.5 Meter $475

1 Meter $525

1.5 Meter $575

2 Meter $625

3 Meter $675

4 Meter $725

5 Meter $775

Subwoofer RCA Single

Length Price each Purchase
2 Meter $300

3 Meter $325

4 Meter $350

5 Meter $400

10 Meter $800


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